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The new issue of the magazine "Roaditude - Culture of the Road"

is out! Many thanks to the editors who commissioned me to create cover illustration.

Illustration d’un robot marche sur une route sous un ciel bleu, une personne est assise dans une bulle dans le dos de ce robot, elle regarde un écran.

Okynomy is a studio specializing in the creation, 3D modeling and 3D rendering of your ideas.
Make an impact by giving life to 3D images
for your adverts, brochures and websites.

Image, rendu 3D d’une jolie bouteille et d’un verre à whisky avec logo okynomy en or, design et ambiance épuré en style photo studio


A project starts with a meeting, a briefing… the draft of the project takes shape. Modeling starts from a sketch, a drawing or even a photograph. The design is added, then your logo and your colors. The picture is worked on, improved as per discussions. The final version can go ahead, your pictures are ready!

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